How to Get Rid of Severe Acne – A Repeatedly Proven Formula

One of the most common questions that readers ask us, without a doubt, is how to get rid of severe acne. We’ve been asked so many times that we decided the best idea would be to write a post about it. After all, it is one of the most common dermatological problems in the United States, but finding an effective treatment for severe acne can often seem be a real challenge.

What Causes Severe Acne

As you probably already know, breakouts happen because the pores in our skin get clogged with dead cells, oil, and bacteria, resulting in an infection and subsequent redness and inflammation. Severe acne – more commonly referred to as cystic acne – occurs when the small localized infection in your pore spreads deeper and out into the surrounding areas of skin.

Severe acne can be a frustrating problem for everyone from young children to adults well into their 50’s and beyond. The most common sufferers, however, are usually teenagers and young adults in their 20’s.

Cystic acne is most likely to occur on your face, chest, back, and shoulders. Studies have shown that severe acne is much more prevalent in men than it is in women, with hormonal changes occurring during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause being the most common causes of severe cystic acne among females.

In males, cystic acne is commonly a result of an overproduction of androgens by the body – a hormone which occurs in higher amounts during puberty. Some people, however, continue to produce high levels of androgens through their lifetime.

Recent studies have shown that severe acne can also be genetic – meaning you may want to ask your parents if they suffered from the condition when they were younger, and if so, at what age it began to clear up.

Reducing Your Severe Acne

Over the past few decades, dermatologists have discovered a number of highly effective ways to reduce severe acne. While many of the treatments for severe acne include prescription medications, it’s easy to find more than one cystic acne home remedy which has been proven effective as well.

A few best ways how to get rid of severe acne at home include:

Baking Soda – Baking soda is great for both killing topical bacteria, and reducing the inflammation caused by severe acne. Mix some baking soda with a little water to create a paste, and apply it to your affected skin daily, rising it off after 15 to 20 minutes.

Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil has well-known antibiotic properties and can penetrate deeply into your skin to eliminate the clogged pores and bacteria that cause severe acne. Apply tea tree oil directly to your breakouts once a day with a cotton ball or swab.

Coconut Oil – Known for its anti-microbial properties, coconut oil is an effective cystic acne treatment that also hydrates your skin – a stark contrast from many other treatments for severe acne that will do the exact opposite.

Aloe Vera – Long a home remedy for a variety of skin conditions, aloe vera can reduce the inflammation of severe acne and reduce pain. Some dermatologists recommend mixing it with a few drops of tea tree oil for an even more powerful punch.

Dietary Changes – What you eat can have a big effect on your complexion, and avoiding fatty foods, dairy, and high-glycemic carbohydrates are crucial to a healthy cystic acne diet that will reduce the symptoms of severe acne over the long-term.

How to Get Rid of Severe Acne Altogether?

There is no one single way how to get rid of severe acne that works for everyone. In fact, some cases of cystic acne will never clear up until they’re ready to on their own, no matter how many cures you try. But luckily, through a combination of a number of proven effective ways to treat cystic acne, you can reduce your likelihood of developing severe cystic pimples, and quite possibly reduce – or eliminate – the symptoms of your severe acne

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